Back at it…

A few years ago I took a stab at writing a blog and found it very therapeutic – helping me to process my experiences living in a foreign country. I didn’t write many, but now I read those entries and such clear memories come flooding back.

So, here I am in Nairobi, Kenya, preparing for a new phase of life in South Sudan. I’ve been in Iraq these past 27 months and I wish I’d kept a blog of those times.

But, before I turn the page, I wanted to save something that will remind me of my time in this complicated country and all the people I had the privilege to meet.

Click to view the video – just something simple made with Adobe Spark 🙂 

3 thoughts on “Back at it…

  1. Just love this Sue. You have such a talent for writing and photographs. Thanks for allowing us to be on your journeys with you. Know you are always in our thought and prayers. Love Deb


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