About Me

Open-hearted Christian woman passionately following God despite pit-falls, side trips and self-directed rabbit trails.

May contain strong Christian content and scenes of personal humility. Sense of humour strongly advised!

After spending 2014 volunteering in Swaziland, I was determined to continue working internationally and to learn more about humanitarian aid. The day I received my “International Aid Worker” identification from Medair was possibly the proudest of my career. To date I’ve worked in Afghanistan and Iraq, and will ring in 2019 with the Medair team in South Sudan.

As a communications officer I have the privilege of spending time with people and hearing their stories. I have the opportunity to have first-hand experience in countries that I would otherwise only hear about on the news.

For me, writing about my experiences helps me to process them, to grow from them, to put a little piece of each one in my pocket to carry along the road with me. 

3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. This is a fabulous blog and such a similar situation to our own. I am looking forward to following you in the coming year as we make our start in Tanzania too. God Bless you!


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